License information for the Aviantes-Designer

The Aviantes-Designer - hereinafter referred to only as "designer" - is copyrighted and may only be used according to the conditions described in this license. By using the designer you agree to these terms.


The designer is provided free of charge and can be used unlimited in duration and on many computers as you want.


An unchanged distribution of the designer in form of copies is explicitly allowed as long as this is done without charge. This can be done either as a packed zip archive as it can be downloaded from the Aviantes website. Alternatively the unpacked files can be distributed (e.g. as directory on a CD/DVD). However no files are allowed to be added, deleted or changed. The designer always has to be distributed in its original, unaltered form.


The designer is provided as is. An execution in all application areas and situations without errors is not guaranteed. There is no liability for any resulting damages e.g. data loss. If bugs are found in the framework they will be fixed as soon as possible.