License information for the Aviantes-Business-Application-Framework

The Aviantes-Business-Application-Framework - hereinafter referred to only as "framework" - is copyrighted and may only be used according to the conditions described in this license. By using the framework you agree to these terms.


Two basic licensing options exist for the framework, a free and a commercial license. In this document the terms of the free license are described. The free version can be downloaded from the Aviantes website ( Limitations described here - especially regarding the commercial use of a developed framework-based software - can be remedied by acquiring a commercial license.


For testing and evaluation purposes the framework can be used unlimited in duration and on many computers as you want. The creation, distribution, and use of software that was created using the framework is allowed as long as this software is distributed and used free of charge.

The free version has the following limitations:
- up to three clients can be started simultaneously
- up to 30 client modules can be created and used
- two tenants can be set up


An unchanged distribution of the framework in form of copies together with extensions or developed software for end users is explicitly allowed as long as this is done without charge and the conditions described below are met. Three cases are distinguished here:

1. The framework is not extended by own source code and/or configuration files and should be distributed in its original form. This can be done either as a packed zip archive as it can be downloaded from the Aviantes website. Alternatively the unpacked files can be distributed (e.g. as directory on a CD/DVD). However no files are allowed to be deleted or changed. The framework always has to be distributed in its original, unaltered form.

2. The framework is extended by own source code and/or configuration files and will serve as base for other developers projects. This is emphatically not a version for end users and can therefore only be used by other developers for their projects. In this case the framework has to be distributed in its original form as described in case 1 together with the proprietary extensions. Alternatively just the extension can be distributed without any further files of the framework. In this case developers who want to use this extension can download the necessary framework files from the Aviantes website.

3. The framework is integrated into a complete software project solely used by end users. Here it is sufficient to include just the necessary files from the framework into the software project. However these files must not be changed. There has to be a clearly visible indication within the software that it is based on the Aviantes-Framework. This requires an additional reference to the Aviantes website ( or

As long as no commercial license is acquired a distribution and use is only permitted for non commercial purposes.


The framework is provided as is. An execution in all application areas and situations without errors is not guaranteed. There is no liability for any resulting damages e.g. data loss. It is in the responsibility of the user/developer to ensure a sufficient quality of the developed software based on the framework. If bugs are found in the framework they will be fixed as soon as possible.